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The Roya Schools in Iran

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International Alliance to Assist Children

One of the Roya’a main goals is to mitigate the institutional obstacles faced by the most deprived in the some Middle East society. One main approach we will take is the establishment of educational projects in such communities. We believe educational institutions are essential to a community’s development, because it enables the community to ask itself vital questions and hands it the tools to answer them.
We therefore gave birth to the establishment of Roya Schools in Iran to ensure access to quality primary school education. This is the first of several proposed educational projects. We have proposals for other projects, including those for human lefts education as well as entrepreneurial and technology oriented education.
We build schools with villages that have historically had no adequate school structure – where students are taught in the tent, stable, or under trees or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all.
Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. Our vision is every child should have the opportunity to learn through a quality primary education.

The cost of building each school is $5,000. Contact us to collaborate on this project.

Today, May 4th, 2017, during annual teacher’s week, two primary schools, a classroom, Roya Forouzesh 1 and 2, projects 246 and 247 were opened in the villages of Jafirik and Sayyid Jassim of Khuzestan province. At the bottom of this page, you will get acquainted with the new Roya Schools, as well as the Three Classes of Ahmad Abad Kurdistan, which opened last year, and the Maleki Library, which was hosted by Darab Behmanesh and supported by Roya Foundation.

Primary School Roya Forouzesh 1

Primary School Roya Forouzesh 1
Project No. 246 Mehr-Giti
In partnership with the Roya Foundation in the United States

Reza Teacher is a volunteer from the village of Sayyid Jasim, who has taught the children of this village, up to this point, in a dark and cold tent under dust and soil.
His love for these children encouraged him to use his best efforts and introduce the new technology to the children in this remote area. Despite all the limitations, he is using the new digital tools to teach to children.
Reza usually takes his Laptop, video projector and educational facilities into their school’s nomadic tent and runs educational films for children and plays cartoons during the break.
But today, this teacher and his students are very happy, because with the help of the goodwill, now they have a safe school which, as Reza says, will keep them away from the wind, dirt and the rain and the sting of the scorpion and the snake…
Now Reza is more creative than ever and with more confidence teaches to his students his lessons of kindness,love and forgiveness.

Primary School Roya Forouzesh 2

Primary School Roya Forouzesh 2
Project No. 247 Mehr-Giti
In partnership with the Roya Foundation in the United States
The old and new school of children in the village of Sayyid Jasem Khouzestan
The Roya Forouzesh 2 School, Project 247 of Mehr-giti, was built for the children of this village and opened on May 4th, 2017.
According to the school principal, this project served our students and now they can stay far from dangerous snakes and scorpions around. When they were studying in the tent before, they had always to close down in a rainy day.
Good job! we are proud of all of you.

Three Classroom School - Ahmadabad Village, Kurdistan

Three Classroom School of Ahmadabad Village in Kurdistan
From the city of Sarab Abad in the middle of the Sanandaj-Marivan way
… Roya smiled
The three-class school of Ahmadabad village, located in the village of Sarv Abad, which ran across the valley and the Sanandaj-Marivan route, is a reminder of Roya. The beautiful view of the village on natural peaks has no indication of the poverty. Dabhtabeh Ahmadabad, on the contrary of what I saw in Sistan Region, was rich and beautiful, but there was some deprivation in life. The former ruined village still showed off alongside the new school and looked at the profound difference that this new school in the village and the environment created for its passionate kids. With eyes open … colorful costumes and the faces of children who were eager for the long time, It would remind me …… When I felt that Roya would look from top of the one of those lofty heights and smiles … The same familiar smile … her name on the wall of this school will last, as her love in our hearth.

Maleki Village Library

Maleki Village Library
Thanks to Darab Bahmanesh
Maleki village library was originally created for introducing to the children of the village, the culture of book reading.
Then they worked with children from other villages, and now there are cultural camps in the work program of the Village Library.
I am hopeful and get inspired by the kids. Today I was in Shushtar with the guys on the west side of Karun…two hundred meters left where the Karoon splits.
Lovely children! with laughter, vibrant and far from some of ugliness of cities.
The kids were taking a carpet for the class I have put together for them.
The class that made in an abandoned sand washing place, where occupied for a while by a person who recently moved to the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari for the summer time.