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In honoring Roya Forouzesh, we are proud to introduce ROYA FOUNDATION, a nonprofit organization fulfilling Roya’s passion to provide humanitarian assistance and health care to children around the world.

Roya Forouzesh was native of Iran, Tehran. She immigrated to United States in June of 1977 at the age of 17 to pursue a higher education. After she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, she began working for Hi-Teach Companies in Silicon Valley. In year of 1994, she realized her passion was in serving others and assisting individuals at poverty level around the world, Roya knew she wanted to be a humanitarian leader. Then, Roya decided to go back to school in order to pursue her passion in Psychology. In 1997, she received her Master’s degree in Psychology and became a Family Marriage Child Counselor “FMCC” therapist.

She started her PHD before she was diagnosed with Multie Mayo Loma Cancer in September 2006. Roya battled cancer for two years until she lost her battle on July 17, 2008.

Roya was very active in the community and was always there for others. During her battle against cancer, Roya was researching in Dream Interpretations (for more information, click on the link). http://www.rozanehmagazine.com/allarticles/RoyaForouzeshOne.htm

In 2008, the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants (CERI) established its youth services program: ROYA named in memory of Roya Forouzesh, who was one of the main supporters of the clinic as well as a counselor who passionately worked with at-risk youth and their families. ROYA currently provides intervention programs designs specifically for teens and young adults

Multi Myeloma: Roya’s Story

Roya was diagnosed with Multi Myeloma in September 2006. Roya lost her 2 years battle with Multi Myeloma on July, 2008 at the young age of 46. A multiple myeloma diagnosis, sometimes called bone marrow cancer, affects plasma cells in the bone. It may causes symptoms such as bone pain, unexplained fractures, fatigue and other symptoms.

My story of Tom and Jerry By: ROYA

From: Roya F roya012@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 4:33:19 AM
Subject: My story of Tom and Jerry

I hope you’re free and have some spare time kill, this one is long….

Another sleepless night, waiting for the little chest pain to stop, in order to get a good night sleep, plus it’s so peacefully quiet (or I should say I feel peaceful), sky full of stars, beautiful fog, the tiny gorgeous moon curve (mahe shabeh chaardah), excitement and joy from being with some dear friends and family tonight, and as I was typing your addresses I’m missing so many of you….., and wished my “Hal” would have allowed me to see more of you.

Anyway just perfect timing for writing.

My thought from yesterday morning of radiation:

As I am laying under the humongous Radiation machine for an hour and so, I can’t help myself wondering whether I should be grateful for this heavy equipment so close to my chest, which feels like it’s about to suffocate me, or allow to feel the extreme pain and discomfort of my arms being up for an hour and laying on this hard plastic board take over, knowing the body pain will be heavier later on today than the Myeloma pain.

But in reality, this little time under the machine allows me to go to that quiet place within and think, actually it leaves me with no other choice when I’m not allowed to make a slightest move, and breathing is the only option. I think to myself should I be grateful for this heavy “thing” so called machine raps around my body trying to save me from death, grateful for the opportunity of this daily need of my flesh, blood, marrow, bone, which can connect me to my temporary engagement of my survival, or should I scream and tell them to get me out of here.

Then I remember all the people who are counting on my survival of this deadly disease, like a movie screen, I remember my mother’s teary eyes and worry, my sister’s constant pain, my friends prayers and activities to find me cure and other healing methods, my family flying from long distance to see me, my dear friends’ 15 yr old daughter who spend nights and nights to makes me …… a “Healing symbols for cancer” and so many other people.

So how can I scream?  How can I be ungrateful?  How can I not fight?  How can I give up? How can I disappoint myself and so many others?

I remember the genuine worry on the face of my dear friend who picked me up and brought me to cancer center this morning, I could tell from her eyes that she is asking me and hoping some day I call her and tell her “it’s over, I’m fine”. No one has to say a word to me anymore, I know better. I know from your eyes, from tone of your voice when you call to just say “hi”, you’re asking me to please get well roya.

It’s all the love that is keeping me strong and keeps me going like a powerful atomic energy source.

I miss the good old days up to last year, when I could help others to survive life’s traumas, now my life depends on everything the universe has to offer, even this cold, heavy metal machine.

But that’s okay; I cannot go forth and not open my soul, body, “spinal blood cord” of my survival if I still plan on helping me and others.

On the more funny side, technology is amazing, this huge machine with its wings, which sends burning radiation like an atom, actually reminds me of my Myeloma cells. The machine circulates and goes round under the table that I’m on it to kill the cells of my lower back and the little sneaky, misbehaved, uninvited Myeloma cells move like a light energy from back to front. Machine rotates and radiates front abdominal and Myeloma find their way up to my chest and heart. It’s like a race; it’s really funny if you think about it for a moment. Remind me of Tom and Jerry cartoon…. 🙂 remember!!!

Now I’m asking the universe to give me the power to stay strong and it is ironic how quickly universe is providing it for me, along with that quiet flow of the energy to go on. How ironic I’ve been reading about warriors for so many years and watch the movies, and now I have to be my own warrior.

In any event, I have to trust this process, trust all process of my unfolding life, in order to attain the true serenity, otherwise I be wasting my time and life questioning the unknown. If you remember in one of my first emails I wrote there is a reason for everything and I truly believe in that. There is a lesson here for me, even if they tell me you’ll die today, I still know in my heart and truly believe it’s time to go for a good reason with no regret.

On the same token, no one should give up without a good fight. In my practice I never hesitated to tell my client who had given up, that it’s their fear of fighting and staying strong. So I am stronger than ever now that I know what I’m facing and it’s not a joking matter.

Anyway, many of you have asked me to write a journal, or maybe a book, I actually have been writing these stuff as they come into my mind, maybe someday will put them together a create one. Only if I know my notes, my fight with cancer, and my experience makes a difference even with one person, it’s still worthy.

Thanks for reading my mini self-ecology sometimes.

I didn’t write for a while, I was too sick for over a weeks or so, then last week I’ve been in hospital almost every day from morning to night for treatments, taking another million x-rays and tests….,  you go figure…

As for more updates on the cancer, today radiation of my abdominal ended and the chest radiation began for another 3 weeks. So the Tom and Jerry story and my thought under the pressure continue.

Last week I have been bombarded with medical Specialists rejection, left and right, first, and second opinions, all have been not too pleasant such as: “Roya dear, you may only have few more months to live”, and that we have used the best Chemo and Technology we’ve been able to, and non working”, that  “your cancer is extremely aggressive and always one step ahead of us”, and more…

So it has been a little hard to keep my head above the water.

I believe them when they say they have tried their best, obviously I’ve been there every step of the way. They stop one part of the tumor cells; the “snaky thing” finds his way to another part of my body. (BTW the reason I identify the cells as Male, is because by Mythology, Eastern, Asian, and more Philosophy (Yin/Yang), the more energetic, aggressive energy has been identified to masculine, and the lighter and softer energy to feminine). Anyway, it simply amazes me how fast and aggressive they moves around.

This bring me to an important subject of spirituality, science may give up on me and give me 10-20% chance of life, but the universe is giving me 100% green light to go ahead and stick around much longer. SO I want to thank you for being with me and spending so much time and energy finding healing energy resources for me. You have no idea how much it all means to me. This was such a new area for all of us that we’re all learning together.

Taghi jan, with your busy schedule going after finding me all sorts of spiritual resources day in day out. Mitra Jan, Tirdad Jan, my dear friend from Iran, Niloo Jan, Mona jan, Mehran jan, my dear Sisters and Mom, Babak jan, my dear aunt in LA, and so many more of you spending time and thinking of all the available options and resources I may have. All means so much to me, plus I really need all the help I can get at this point. SO I thank you all for sharing this part of my life with me, no matter how big or small. At the end one of these miracles will work. Science can give up on me as much as they want. To me it is like they say: “<<<<>>} {+-x<<<<<>+-x>><<……> and I respond: “thank you for sharing, but no thanks, I actually prefer to stay alive”.

To finish the medical update: There are only two kinds of Chemo’s left to be tried on me right after I’m done with radiation, one with my Dr. at Stanford, which is a clinical trial and the second one with Dr. Wolf at UCSF. Again, another clinical trial, we decided to try both (10% chance of success with each one), If any success with either one and I’m completely cancer free, then I’ll be doing a Cord Blood Stem Cell injection/transplant at Mayo Clinic of Minnesota or Arizona. They begin with two more months of chemo and one to two months of transplant and observation. If god forbid my body doesn’t respond to these 2 new Chemo’s, and Myeloma stay and continue to grow, then prayers, Qi Gong, Healing energies, more along these lines,  has to keep me safe, plus my plan on trying all other U.S. Myeloma specialist, till I find one who has something new for me.

Anyway, this should give you a good detail update of what has been happening to me and my body lately, which I promise to keep it precious. Every day when I wake up I’m thankful for being alive another day whether painful, painless, fatigue or energetic. I wish for all of us to feel same without having to experiment pain and a life threatening illness. Yes my darlings and dear friends please appreciate everyday of your life. I say this, yet understanding how easier it is to take life, everything and everyone for granted.

Few AWESOME advices from David Niven, Book:

-Join groups.

-Be your own fan.

-Always keep a pen and paper.

-Let your goals guide you.

-Enjoy the ordinary.

-Focus on what matters

-Change your goals, as your life changes. (my favorite)

-Turn off the T.V.

-Read, knowledge is power.

With Loads of Love, appreciation, hugs and kisses, which I’ve been in probating of it


Roya favorite quote was:

Don’t stand at my grave and cry:

I am not there, I did not die

I am in the flowers that bloom,

I am in a quiet room,

I am the bird that sings

I am not there, I did not die