About Founder

Mitra Forouzesh Behnam is native of Iran, Tehran. She born to a Kurdish family in Tehran, Iran, and immigrant to United State in November 1986 with her 2 children, ages 4 & 5 years old.
Mitra’s mother a career woman in 50 years ago, who owned her own private schools, “principal” encouraged her to reach the highest education and help others possible. With this mentality of thinking, her mom moved to United State in 1977, with her two sisters (Vida & Roya), that giving them the opportunity to better their education. Her mother Mehrmah Haghighi who was Building Roya’s first school in year 2015 in her native city of Kurdistan in Roya’s wished.

My story:
After my two children started their college, I was blessed again in 1998 giving birth to my third child; it was a difficult job being a mother after raising two teenagers. I take pride and joy from raising my kids, them being the best gift God has given me, with that mind, I know there are tens of thousands of children who don’t have the luxury that my kids have, after my last child in my heart, I felt that I must go out and make a difference in the world by joining the charity “non-profit organization” to help needy children, I felt I can give to those in need the best way I know, but I didn’t get satisfaction in my life by just giving money of donation; satisfaction comes from knowing personal vision comes within, and my personal vision was, how to lead an organization that to pursue my vision which it was to put smile in other children faces that are in the dark area of the world. It is sad world when so many of the future population is going hungry and cold, no health care, lack of proper education. then I became active to help needy children.

In mean time of dreamed in pursuing helping needy children, I faced with most difficult circumstance in my life, which it was dealing with my dear baby sister’s cancer. Roya was one of the most valuable Jewelry in my life. After I lost her, I realized how much she had impact in my life. I am remembering her loving words that encouraged me to pursue my dream to achieve helping others. I am remembering over and over my sister was telling me, “When I will get cure from cancer I will establish organization to help others”.
In the Farsi Language, the world “ROYA” means dream! it was “ROYA”s dream to help others.
Therefore, I was given birth to Roya foundation in year 2014 in purse Roya’s dream, and to continuing Roya’s wished to break the cycle of poverty that every child should have the opportunity to go to school and would be able learn through a quality primary education, and they should have access to health care.

Roya Foundation (International Alliance to Assist Children) is dedicated to my sister Roya Forouzesh who was died in a cancer on July 17, 2008
Roya’s wished was to provide humanitarian and educational assistance and medical aids to needy and poor and disadvantaged children. Help to expand schools, orphanages, and hospitals to make better facilitate for needy children, and help cancer patient to give them hope for not necessary everybody died.